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About Us

Our Story

Wrap City is leading the revolution against bland and boring food by bringing excitingly bold culinary creations to you.  Our chefs, Phil and Mazen, draw their inspiration from Canada’s diverse multicultural society.  Our cosmopolitan menu reflects the aromas and flavors from generations of cultures immigrated into our fabric of society that Canadians have come to love.  With every bite you’ll appreciate the refreshing quality ingredients wrapped in our soft daily baked bread.  The same TLC goes into our salads, poutine and desserts.  So if you’re tired of the same old food repeated on every street block, join The Wrap Revolution and try out Wrap City today!

Our Team

Chef Mazen

Mazen aka “Zuni” aka “Big Rhino” is an experienced chef that built his culinary skills working throughout Ottawa and a stint in the UK. He graduated from Algonquin College with a diploma in Culinary Management and a Chef’s certificate.
He took his classical French cuisine training with him as he set off to work at the Metcalfe Golf Course and the VOCO Oxford Thames hotel in Oxford England. His most recent project was co-owner at Vittle, a company that specialized in meal prep and catering. Mazen also taught cooking classes to aspiring home cooks at the LCBO kitchens.
While his professional experience played a big role in his cooking journey, Mazen’s Lebanese background influence his cooking the most. His parents and 3 brothers cherish their Sunday family dinners together which is something that has stuck with him, “seeing someone smile after eating something I have cooked is the greatest feeling in the world”. Funny enough, his mom doesn’t let him step foot in her kitchen.
Big Rhino is very excited about Wrap City and is looking forward to making countless people smile with his CRAZY wrap creations 💚

Chef Phil

He was born and raised right here in Ottawa. He graduated from Algonquin College with a degree in Culinary Management. Phil has a love for Southeast Asian cuisine and it shows! You can see the influences in much of his dishes as he likes to fuse the Asian spices and herbs with other disciplines from around the world. This love for Southeast Asian cooking is thanks to his mom – she is his greatest influence not to mention an awesome cook!
Phil’s experience has gifted our kitchen with awesome wraps like the Banh Mi, Korean BBQ Beef and the Buffalo Chicken. However, his real super power is his knife sharpening skills – the razor edge blades make quick work in the kitchen!